Dear Players,

There will be a gold promotion in all our servers from 16.06.2017 (16th June 2017) to 19.06.2017 (19th June 2017). During this period, all gold packages purchased will give you 20% extra gold.

This promotion will start approximately 20:00 hours (GMT + 10) on 16.06.2017 (16th June 2017) and last till 20:00 hours (GMT + 10) on 19.06.2017 (19th June 2017).

Please purchase the gold only once you see the +20% sticker on the gold packages. Only once the packages have this sticker, the gold promotion is active. If you purchase the gold, when this sticker is not there, the +20% is not applicable. I am stressing this point very hard because, in the past, there have been instances of players purchasing gold at the start of gold promotion, but the stickers did not have the +20% and hence they did not get the extra gold and the players felt cheated. We do not want a repeat of the same. So please please do check the packages for the extra +20% sticker before you make your purchase.

As always, I will be more than glad to answer all your question regarding this. You can reach me by sending an email to and I will answer your message.

Have fun and make use of this opportunity to stack up some gold (even for future servers as gold purchased and left at the end of the server can be transferred). However please be aware that gold bought in this domain is not transferable to another domain and not possible to transfer to the Tournament Finals server.